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日本初戦略クラフティング型ECシステム COMPANY ECシリーズ ノーカスタマイズパッケージ 無償バージョンアップ 「業務をやめない」ポリシー

日本初戦略クラフティング型ECシステム COMPANY ECシリーズ

COMPANY EC Series for Professional EC Site Buiding

COMPANY EC Series is a unified EC package which reaches into many areas within "marketing management", "contents management", "order/logistics", "customer support" and "external coordination". It provides technology solution for the area of web security and high performance from an aspect of the system know-how cultivated by building a large number of big scale sites. By offering free upgrade which always corresponding to the latest internet technology and latest internet marketing, COMPANY EC Series offers to increase of sales and cut down expences on E-Commerce site managers.


Soultion by types for EC site

メーカーEC 小売EC ソーシャル連携EC BtoB EC

Solution by industry for EC site

アパレル・ファッション ヘルス&ビューティー 本・CD・DVD・ゲーム 食品&飲料

Solution by business goals

サイトデザイン 顧客対応 モール連携 セキュリティ対応

Update Information

Update History

[Event] (Updated on April 14, 2014) NEW
Success factors for E-commerce in Southeast Asia derived from trends in Japan[Singapore]


[Event] (Updated on January 23, 2014) NEW
Internet&Smartphone Commerce 2014 [Osaka]

The active E-Commerce consultant explains the "business plan".

[Information] (Updated on January 7, 2014) NEW
Sales on EC site increases
just by "doing things you should do"

An article about the company appeared on Person in Charge of Web Forum.

[Event] (Updated on December 17, 013) NEW
Internet & Mobile shopping Solution Fair 2014 [Tokyo]

The know-how of living through the omni channel era will assemble here!!

[Event] (Updated on December 16, 2013)
Strategic sales increase seminar [Osaka]

Introduces the EC business strategy to specific measure on one-stop service.

[Event Report] (Updated on November 28, 2013)
Forum for person in charge of internet shopping 2013

Showing the ways of increasing the sales based on the experience of working on E-Commerce and mail order services of big enterprises.

[Press release] (Updated on September 26, 2013)
"COMPANY" supporting the "Furu1online" which has biggest class number of warehouses in the industry.

Making one-step forward EC site by the concept of "COMPANY"

[Press release] (Updated on September 26, 2013)
"COMPANY" EC series announcing a new function Offering a new purchasing experience on online shopping
Satellite cart function, an impressing concierge function 詳しくはこちら




It supports all kind of business that leads to sales.
It's not only site building/managing and analyze/measures, but marketing strategy, supply chain management and customer support. COMPANY E-Commerce unifies all solutions into one package.

COMPANY ECシリーズ製品概要

  • COMPANY E-Commerce covers all the operation for managing enterprise/big scale E-Commerce site as standard package.
  • COMPANY E-Commerce offeres simple management solution for multi-channelizing E-Commerce operation such as call center, fax, direct mail and web site to make quick and appropriate response to the customer.
  • COMPANY E-Commerce improves your business to generates detailed statistics for search words, conversion rate and campaign measurement. It delivers real-time account-related information, which keeps sales reps productive.




[E-Commerce] A strategy-crafting system which supports building, managing and maintaing of leading company's E-Commerce site.




[Content Management System] CMS is designed to build your site easily and flexibly.




[Web Marketing] Web Marketing system improves your business to generates detailed statistics by analyzing mutilateral aspects.




[Customer support] A strategy-crafting type system which unifies the multi-channelizing support jobs which is essential to the management of E-Commerce

Special features

Various features of COMPANY EC series

  • coordignation with cloud service

    A hybrid type package which is able to use open cloud and data center together.

  • Security

    High security policy as a Non-Customized package.

  • Mainstay coordination

    It has various type of interface to coordinate with other system.

  • Maintenance support system

    A full continuous support to manage E-Commerce system and infrastructure maintenance.

  • Others・・・
    Visualization of EC system cost
    multilingual EC site
    Internal Controls support


Real Store coordignation

Looking for a practical sales strategy?
COMPANY E-Commerce has the solution.


Since COMPANY E-Commerce provides multiple online shop management, it cut down the cost of building/managing each E-Commerce sites,