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COMPANY EC Series Concept


Full-featured package


  • COMPANY EC Series is a full-featured package which does not require customized add-ons.Therefore, customized add-ons will never occur in our development scope.
  • Regardless of the development volume and the deployment period, the initial cost is always fixed. There will be no hidden cost no matter how complex your system is.

Free upgrade


  • Latest OS and database architectures are deployed in our development process. As a result, we can continuously offer the system with cutting-edge E-Commerce features.
    Therefore, there will be no need to change/replace your system for scale expansion and additional functions.
  • The cost for the work regarded to the upgrade, as well as the upgrade itself is all included in the "service for fixed fee", so there will not be any additional cost for the application.

Non-stop service policy


  • Our consultants will take care of the introduction and maintenance phase.
  • There is no risk of dependency on any particular skill, or any particular personnel since the product is offered as a standard package.
  • System operation costs are visualized to show how much each support accounts for out of the total fee of the whole support process