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COMPANY EC Series Product Lineup



COMPANY E-Commerce

COMPANY E-Commerce

Covers order and customer management, building and managing e-commerce website and unification of multiple sites

  • User friendly management interfaces protected with high security
  • Centralized management of multiple shops - Leaving businesses more time for taking care of other important aspects.
  • Free version upgrade. No charge even in case requested business expansion features requires additional development.
Equipped with all the tools and features required for running an E-Commerce website. Including but not limited to Order and Shipment Management, Warehouse Management, and Customer Management, which is the core part of CRM.
To list a few more, it also includes management features for Point, Coupon and Discount based systems.
Each feature can be customized, to a very fine detail level, to suit to business strategy(ies) and products. As a package of features, which doesn't need any additional customized development, Company EC enables businesses to scale easily without any additional charges.
Upgrade is free and instantaneous - Prepares businesses for change in market and for technological advancements.
Not to mention every upgrade includes the trending features and functionality. This enables businesses to use latest features and quickly correspond to the trends of time and technology, market changes, and business scenes.
Extensive data API for seamless integration with other business systems.
With data API systems of Company E-Commerce, other business systems can easily coordinate with it. This will not just reduce the manual efforts but importantly leaves no scope for errors; errors which can occur either by double maintenance or by manual input.