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COMPANY E-Marketing

COMPANY E-Marketing

Company E-Marketing provides easy management of business marketing and promotion in e-commerce domain.

  • Easily works with Company E-Commerce and CMS solutions to produce advanced data analytics
  • Provides strategic promotion management system to quickly correspond to the changes in the market
  • Helps in streamlining website with CRM approach to increase customer base and conversion rate by one to one marketing strategy
Advanced data analytic results of E-Commerce website from different perspectives.
Company E-Marketing can aggregate and process huge and broad ranged data in real time with high speed. Thus, it enables to carry out any retail standard analysis related to the management of E-Commerce websites such as Search Keyword analysis, ABC analysis, RFM analysis, Customer analysis and promotion effect analysis.
A total support on PDCA cycle to make strategic CRM

The system enables to target specific customers according to the analysis results. It can effectively manage the site with advanced functionalities like targeted distribution of email magazine and targeted advertisement. As a whole, these analytic results can statistically support the next business strategy for generation of high ROI with in no time.