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COMPANY EC Series Product Lineup





Offering a high speed support and service by controlling inquiry information centrally and dealing with customers precisely

  • Improving customer satisfaction by unified management of multichannel support
  • Decreasing inquiries and improving convenience for customers by making inquiries into FAQ
  • Order center business are done in collaboration with EC BackStage
Managing multichannel support centrally

Customer support has to correspond to various inquiry forms such as telephone, web, email, fax, and chat. E-Support can manage all forms of inquiries, which enables high-speed, precise communication with the end-user.
Focusing on ROI and Customer Satisfaction

  • Inquiries from the end-users will be automatically sent to the operators. By this, we can achieve high performance, high ROI call center with limited human resources, and also enable one-to-one communication with the customers.
  • Efficient support management with the re-distributing function and balancing function as key points of the system.